Areas of Expertise

M.E. Wilson’s experience insuring builders, developers, and contractors of all kinds dates back to 1920. As the construction industry has evolved, so has our ability to address a contractor’s insurance and risk management needs. We have the ability to address your needs in the following areas:

  • Job Site Safety- We conduct on-site inspection, provide detailed reporting on compliance/non-compliance, and make recommendations to improve safety, OSHA compliance, and risk control.
  • Claim Advocacy- If there is a claim filed against you, M.E. Wilson supports you in many ways to mitigate your ultimate exposure. Our experienced in-house claim advocates work for the fastest and most advantageous, and fair resolution while holding carrier adjustors accountable.
  • Workers’ Benefits- We will find ways to lower your costs while providing a beneficial package to your employees. When necessary, we manage these claims and help people return to work quickly.
  • Contractual Requirements- M.E. Wilson will review your contracts and find the best way to address insurance related mandates from upstream contractors and transfer risk to downstream subcontractors when appropriate.
  • Certificates of Insurance- We help in the process of obtaining certificates, or take on the complete process for you with a focus on keeping you in compliance now and in the future.
  • Partial Self-Insurance Options- The correct levels of deductibles, minimum premiums, and maximum premiums can be modeled and analyzed.
  • Surety Bonding- Our long-term relationships with surety underwriters make the difference in today’s difficult marketplace.

Contractors, particularly large ones, are M.E. Wilson company’s main industry focus. To complement that, our Surety Division can handle all types of bonds from bid bonds to license bonds. We can cover your entire surety process from financial information preparation to, carrier selection, to form submission to your ultimate selection. We represent only the most competitive and financially sold surety carriers, some since our inception in 1920.

The establishment of ongoing bonding lines is one of our main areas of expertise. As you know, a strong bonding line can mean the difference between success and failure and we are here to ensure it is the former. We are always eager to offer advice in this or any other area of surety bonding and are happy to see up secondary lines should your present broker or carrier falter.

We have been helping Florida’s contractors in all area fro nearly a century and you can count on us like no other surety brokerage in central Florida.

Providing Protection For Not-For-Profit Entities.
Being actively involved in the community has always been part of the culture at M.E. Wilson. This involvement has led to the inclusion of some prominent organizations as our clients.

The risk management needs of a not-for-profit group are unique, and warrant a different approach to ensure the organization’s mission is protected. Our policy reviews of prospective clients have often identified coverage gaps that leave the organization and its leadership unnecessarily exposed. We have tailored our approach to include:

  • Internal Policy Review
  • On-Site Professional Claims Management
  • Attendance at Mediations
  • Detailed Loss Trending and Analysis
  • Experience Mod Analysis and Projection
  • Safety and Loss Control Including Policy Creation and Training
  • Comprehensive Stewardship Reviews

Coverage Highlights:

  • Directors and Officers
  • Volunteer Issues
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Professional Liability
  • Business Income/Interruption
  • Employment Practices
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Fleet/Automobile
  • Sexual Abuse & Molestation Defense
  • Cyber Liability
Tampa Metropolitan YMCA: It’s a Partnership

In this client testimonial, CEO of the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA , Tom Looby, remarks on how M.E. Wilson’s stewardship in risk management and insurance helps their not-for-profit charity achieve the greatest value for their dollars.

Our Hospitality Division mainly focuses on restaurants and hotel chains and has been protecting Florida’s main industry since its inception in 1920. Our emphasis is on aggressive pricing backed by our strong safety and claims handling staff, guaranteeing a competitive program with coverage tailored for your unique situation.

Whether your restaurant chain is family style, upscale casual, or fine dining or whether your hotel is business class, family, or resort style, we can offer the perfect Workers Compensation, General Liability, Property, Business Income or Equipment Breakdown Program for your multiple or single locations. Our experience and client testimonials to that experience are vast and can be found on our testimonials section on our website. We hope you will appreciate what your peers have to say and will make the same choice they did – the selection of M.E. Wilson as your broker.

Cyber-Solutions For Technology And Life Sciences.
M.E. Wilson provides risk management and insurance to the Technology and Life Sciences industries through the nation’s top A-rated insurance companies. These industries are global, highly dynamic, and innovative by nature. Most are held to high standards of regulatory compliance. We understand these risks and specialize in delivering risk management and insurance solutions tailored to the individual needs of your business.

At M.E. Wilson, we offer complimentary risk management & insurance policy reviews. Our team of dedicated claims managers can provide detailed loss trending and workers’ compensation experience modification analysis and projection. Customized consulting services for safety and loss control are also available, as well as comprehensive mid-year stewardship reviews.

Customer Profiles:

  • Software Developers
  • Hardware Manufacturers
  • Technology Service Providers
  • Drug Manufacturers & Biologics in Research
  • Medical Device Manufacturers, Distributors and Research Labs
  • Healthcare Product Development Organizations

Coverage Highlights:

  • Worldwide Coverage including Defense Protection
  • Property Protection
  • Product Liability
  • Cyber Security
  • Privacy & Identity Theft
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • E-Vandalism
  • Reputation Injury & Communications
  • Errors & Omissions Liability
  • Clinical Trial Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Business Income/Interruption/Extra Expense
  • Employment Practices (including non-owned exposures)
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Automobile/Fleet (including non-owned exposures)
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability

With today’s ever-evolving world of cyber threats – system access extortion, data theft of personal and corporate accounts, state sponsored cyber-terrorism, and social engineering fraud, M.E. Wilson can help assess and tailor the proper coverage and limits through in depth audit of your data privacy and cyber security risks.

It is vital to have a broker that understands each country’s risk managements laws and processes. With partnerships covering the globe, M.E. Wilson is uniquely positioned to assess your organization’s international exposures and to craft a multi-leveled program to cover those risks.


M.E. Wilson is a market leader in establishing Captive Insurance programs. We can combine our in-house Loss Control/Safety professionals with our Claims Management experts to deliver a tailored program that we oversee and you control. Owning a business has its advantages. When it comes to insurance, being an owner means control over one of your major costs when you utilize the Captive Model.

Many of the best-in -class companies are leaving the traditional market because they get lumped in with all operators, good and bad, and end up paying more than they should. The captive model allows you to control your company’s insurance destiny and your company can experience significant savings that will give you additional incentive to improve on your company’s Risk Management strategies. Captive ownership allows you to determine your premium budget, loss control program, and re-insurance protection in advance so that the ultimate cost of your risk is determined by your own claims performance.


Please contact us to explore this option.

Having handled large agricultural businesses since our inception in 1920, M.E. Wilsons knows the unique challenges facing Florida grower and ranchers in this challenging economic environment. We can help you protect your special way of life with coverage tailored to cover your employees, your vehicles, your equipment, your buildings and stock, and most importantly, you and your family.

Our specialized coverages run the gamut depending on your operation, and our safety and claims experts back up our advisors to give you the truest way to decrease your insurance costs – lowering your claims costs. This is the secret to a successful risk management program – stop claims before they happen and mitigate them aggressively when they do, giving you lower insurance costs than your peers. M.E. Wilson Company has been doing exactly that for almost 100 years and will be glad to do the same for you.