Privacy Statement

At M.E. Wilson Company, Inc. we know how important your privacy is to you, and it is very important to us as well.

Whether you are a current customer or just visiting our website, we are committed to protecting the information you provide, just as we protect it when you provide it to us over the phone, in person or through the mail.

We value your relationship with us, so we want you to understand our privacy objectives for our website, and how and why we collect, use and disclose the personal information about you on our websites.

Personal Information We Collect and Use at This Website

We do not collect any personal information about you at our websites. We define “personal information” as information that is unique to you and might include your phone number, name, age, address or Social Security Number.

Use of Email

For purposes of this site, email can be used as a mechanism to provide information you requested.

In some situations, you may have provided your email address to us in order for us to send you information about a service or resource that you requested. Unless you opt out of receiving these types of emails, we may continue to send you information. In addition, we may use third-party vendors to determine if you open and use any information that we share via email, as well as to solicit your feedback through online surveys. Responding to these surveys is always optional.

Email can also be used as a mechanism for you to ask questions and provide comments about our website or services. You are encouraged to provide this feedback. We do share these messages with individuals in the organization who can appropriately respond to the specific email. In addition, we may preserve the content of your email, your email address and our response.

It is important to use good judgment when sending information via the Internet to an email address. Email sent via the Internet may pass through private and public networks with varying levels of security. Some networks may have taken steps to secure email transmissions while others have not which could affect the privacy and integrity of the email.

Links to Other Websites

For your convenience, we may provide links to other websites and web pages that we do not control. We cannot be and thus, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of any websites or pages not under our control. We do not endorse any of these websites or pages, the services or products described or offered on such websites or pages, or any of the content contained on those websites or pages.

Changes to our Website Privacy Statement

Evolving technology will continue to provide us with new and better ways to collect and use information so that we may better serve your health coverage needs. We may change this statement at any time and from time to time. The most recent version of our Privacy Statement is reflected by the version date located at the bottom of this page. This statement is not intended to and does not create any contractual or other legal right in or on behalf of any party.

Contacting Us

Please contact us if you have any questions about this statement or would like to learn more about how we protect privacy.