Using Knowledge To Improve Your Operating And Financial Performance.

Risk management, simply defined, is preventing most claims before they occur and for those that do, managing their ultimate payout. The wisest companies are learning that this is the secret to lowering their insurance costs over time. With in-house risk management professionals, claims managers, and safety professionals, we often achieve better results than our competitors.

The average insurance agent spends most of their time, effort, and capital on sales presentations to prospective clients. Their secondary emphasis is on the quality, effectiveness, and timely execution of the overall risk management program. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? It is at M.E. Wilson.

How Our Knowledge Makes A Difference.

Our preferred status with leading underwriters enables us to pair clients with the insurance company that will bring the most value and the lowest long-term insurance cost. This preferred status is a direct result of our long history of helping our clients maintain consistently low loss ratios.