Know What Your Employees Need And Demonstrate That You Care.

As a leading plan broker and trusted agent, we are able to use our knowledge and relationships to aggressively market your benefits programs to secure the most complete coverage and the best overall value. We understand that Employee Benefits are essential for recruiting and retaining talent, but like everything else, this is subject to economic pressures. M.E. Wilson has decades of experience helping astute businesses balance the needs and wants of their employees with fiscal reality.

Our approach is simple:

  1. Collaborative planning to craft an intelligent plan design.
  2. Communicate the value of your programs through employee education.
  3. Maximize technology and streamline processes.
  4. Assist your HR team to stay in compliance with the myriad of state and federal regulations.

With your plan in place, M.E. Wilson continues to support you with all of the services that large companies need.

  • Wellness implementation with contribution strategies proven to increase ROI
  • Claims tracking and analysis
  • Self-Insurance and loss forecasting options
  • Benchmarking and hidden paycheck exhibits
  • Merger and acquisition consulting
  • Comprehensive human resource consulting
  • Health Care Reform compliance and strategy

How Our Knowledge Makes A Difference.

The best way to control the cost of employee health insurance is to lower its utilization, which means assisting your employees with ways to take better care of themselves and their families. M.E. Wilson can introduce your company to a variety of wellness programs that include biometric screenings and health risk assessments.