Finding the Right Partner


    Needing the Right Partner

    Goodwill Manasota’s mission is, “Changing lives through the power of work.”  Their population includes individuals with barriers to employment for a myriad of reasons.  This creates issues when the insurance marketplace prices their insurance, most specifically their workers’ compensation coverage.  Their experience mod was on a seeming consistent rise and costs for their WC coverage had skyrocketed.  They had not only a high mod but were being subjected to an exceptionally punitive consent to rate surcharge.  To make matters worse, they were not receiving assistance in the areas of claims prevention or the management of claims.  It seemed everything was handled on a reactive basis.

    If You’ve Seen One Goodwill, You’ve Seen One Goodwill

    When M.E. Wilson took over the account in 2015, our entire team worked to understand the account and document the many practices in place that set this Goodwill apart from many others. We worked with Goodwill’s team to ensure their policies and procedures were the most favorable for them as an organization and also to align with best practices by insurance carriers’ standpoint. Inviting underwriters to meet the team and tour facilities enabled us to obtain the most competitive quotes this organization had seen in years.

    The Bottom Line

    Our claims and loss control teams work almost daily with Goodwill on prevention, best practices and claims intervention and guidance. Since our involvement began in 2015, we have reduced premiums nearly 77%. This reduction takes into account additional property values added and enriched areas in terms of coverage. Being able to help Goodwill do more is a fantastic outcome. With our continued partnership we see more positive outcomes and opportunities heading in their direction.