Build a Culture of Safety.

    Protecting Contractors

    M.E. Wilson’s experience insuring builders, developers, and contractors of all kinds dates back to 1920. As the construction industry has evolved, so has our ability to address a contractor’s insurance and risk management needs. We have the ability to address your needs in the following areas:

    Job Site Safety

    We conduct on-site inspection, provide detailed reporting on compliance/non-compliance, and make recommendations to improve safety, OSHA compliance, and risk control.

    Claims Advocacy

    If there is a claim filed against you, M.E. Wilson supports you in many ways to mitigate your ultimate exposure. Our experienced in-house claim advocates work for the fastest and most advantageous, and fair resolution while holding carrier adjustors accountable.

    Workers' Benefits

    We will find ways to lower your costs while providing a beneficial package to your employees. When necessary, we manage these claims and help people return to work quickly.

    Contractual Requirements

    M.E. Wilson will review your contracts and find the best way to address insurance related mandates from upstream contractors and transfer risk to downstream subcontractors when appropriate.

    Certificates of Insurance

    We help in the process of obtaining certificates, or take on the complete process for you with a focus on keeping you in compliance now and in the future.

    Partial Self-Insurance Options

    The correct levels of deductibles, minimum premiums, and maximum premiums can be modeled and analyzed.

    Surety Bonding

    Our long-term relationships with surety underwriters make the difference in today’s difficult marketplace.


    We have long-term experience and expertise in these alternative group insurance plans, including CCIPs and OCIPs.